All owners or users of vehicles must take out car liability insurance, in line with the Compulsory Insurance in Traffic Act. The object of this insurance is your liability for damages to third persons that arise from using the motor vehicle due to death, bodily injury, damaged health, destruction or damage to property.


All owners or users of vehicles.


Contact an insurance company and discuss the terms and conditions. You need to be at least 18 years old to sign an insurance policy. You will need to submit a personal identification document, the driving licence, the old insurance policy (if applicable) and the vehicle licence (if applicable).


When buying or registering a vehicle.

Good to know

In addition to compulsory insurance, there is also all-risk insurance and various forms of supplementary insurance, which you can learn more about from insurance companies.


Insurance coverage is valid in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and in the territories of member states of the green card system.
Comparison of insurance companies:


In case of traffic accidents, the insurance company pays for the damage caused to the third person’s car instead of the driver. If the driver was at fault for the accident, only the passengers in the vehicle that caused the accident and all persons in the other vehicle in the accident have the right to damages.