Registration of a vehicle with foreign country’s registration plates


Motor vehicles and trailer vehicles registered in a foreign country may only engage in transport in Croatia if they have:
• the valid traffic permit and the registration plates issued by the competent authority of the country in which the vehicle is registered
• an international registration mark or a registration plate issued by the competent authority of a foreign country to which the markings and numbers are laid down by the European Union regulations.
Vehicles registered abroad can take part in traffic no longer than three months after the date of entry into Croatia.


You go to the vehicle technical examination station with the necessary documents.
After identifying the vehicle, the authorised official conducts the procedure for first registration of a new vehicle in the information system and charges the prescribed fee. The first registration procedure is finished when the authorised official fills in a vehicle registration certificate, certifies the validity of the vehicle registration certificate by stamping the appropriate section with a stamp containing the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia, certifies the vehicle registration certificate with the stamp containing the coat of arms of the Republic of Croatia and gives the vehicle registration certificate and registration plates to the vehicle owner.


Three months after the date of entry into Croatia.

Good to know

Detailed information on registering motor vehicles: (in Croatian)

The competent testing centre for registration of a motor vehicle is the testing centre within the registration area based on permanent residence, temporary residence, temporary or permanent stay or registered address of the vehicle owner. Registration may also be performed in other testing centres, following a written request sent 30 days in advance to the testing centre where the vehicle owner wishes to register his/her vehicle.


You register your vehicle at the police authority or station in your place of temporary or permanent residence, temporary or permanent stay, or headquarters.
Police authorities and stations in Croatia: